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Colors Gate For Printing and Design was established in 2012 by the German-based Choman Group (Heidelberg) for printing, which is run by an experienced staff, and has successfully carried out printing works in Kurdistan and Iraq over the past few years. 

One of the most specialized people in the sales system is asking for customers by e-mail and we are designing it and printing The office printing agency will then go to the printing press according to the work and the customer’s needs will be the most appropriate quality and quality. 

We have provided two office agencies, but (0705m) and (07001cm) printing techniques. Here are the people of Gait, such as Panton, Selivan, Yuvi, Taqia, Foyle, Imbosin, Difold, Namberin, Perforishin, And Leu

The big companies give their trust to The Culture to print and disney. A section of the companies that have been reached by The People’s Party has been working in the press.